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Time and Attendance Management

SMART's leading Time and Attendance solution reduces attendance management administration and delivers an accurate payroll, whilst providing proof of adherence to working time regulations

Key benefits

  • Minimises the labour costs of time and attendance administration
  • Ensures staff are paid correctly
  • Better decision-making through improved visibility of workforce operations across the entire organisation
  • Maximises productivity, with analytical insight into time and cost of activities
  • Compliance with Working Time Regulations, minimising any legal issues
  • Health and safety procedures are easier to implement and manage

SMART Time and Attendance automates a wide range of labour intensive administration tasks and provides the accurate management information and analysis that is critical to effective workforce management.

Automation of the preparation of payroll data reduces administrative time and costs, whilst enabling visibility, driving productivity and supporting regulatory compliance. A comprehensive and flexible rules engine adapts to your company's processes, procedures, management alerts and analysis enabling better decision making.

Key features

Attendance Management

With the most comprehensive and flexible rules engine available to match your practices and preferences, Attendance Management monitors clocking in and out, taking account of lateness and absence. This data is automatically calculated and delivered to payroll, with consideration of overtime, premium rates and payable hours to ensure payment accuracy.

Working Time Regulations

Ensures compliance with the EU Working Time Regulations, local legislations and agreed working practices Managers can set up alerts and check for compliance of rules at the roster planning stage, to avoid potential breaches. Sickness and holidays are automatically taken into account and all historic data is stored to reduce the likelihood of disputes in the future. The system can also easily be reconfigured to allow for further changes in legislation and working practices.

Annual Hours and Flexitime

Designed for businesses with either part or all of their workforce working annual hours or flexitime, data on time worked and time owed is automatically calculated for payroll. Managers are alerted to potential breaches of work rules, and management reports help optimise roster patterns for the most productive and cost-effective staff deployment. Accessible via PC, badge reader device or eTouchKiosk, employees are able to view their balances and manage holidays, authorised absence and shift swaps using SMART Self-Service

Activity Logging

Helping you to keep track of who does what and where, SMART Activity Logging tracks both employee and group time, and performance against jobs or locations. By tracking group and departmental performance Activity Logging can highlight optimum productivity trends and ensure the best use of resources, minimising lost, excess, waiting time or downtime. This improved visibility across the organisation and customisable management reports also aids better decision making.

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